is not just a college ministry. It’s a movement. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle.


In I Peter 2:9, Peter admonishes his readers that they are a “chosen people, royal priesthood, holy nation” and finally, in the King James Version a “peculiar people.” In a world where everyone from elementary-aged children to adults well beyond retirement age are urged to fit in with the masses, Peter takes the pressure off those of us who are Christ followers telling us that we are meant to be peculiar—countercultural for the kingdom.  And that’s exactly what members of Peculiar People look to do.


When Paul writes in II Corinthians 6:17, “Come out from among them and be separate,” he made no guarantees it would be easy. In fact, being outré is not easy. It’s difficult, but someone has to do it. Peculiar People take their call seriously.


As warriors against culture, we must fight against the pressures of the world and even sometimes-unprofitable traditions of the church. But the fight is worth it. (We know who wins in the end!) From this fight has developed a bond among college-aged students (and the young at heart) at Third Temple and on Jackson State University’s campus unlike any other one might typically see. The transparency with which members of Peculiar People live their lives is inspiring and offers opportunities for them to hold one another accountable and encourage growth in their individual and collective walks with Christ.


The movement meets weekly during the academic year and bi-weekly in the summer; sponsors special occasion events; attends conferences; is active on and off campus; and even has time to get together to do a little Wii salsa, when time allows.


If you want to see young people who are full of vigor for Christ, have bold testimonies they aren’t afraid to share and are forever seeking to spread the marvelous light God offers after you step out of darkness, then you want to encounter a member of Peculiar People. Look for them. They stand out.


To learn more about Peculiar People or to become a part of the community, email them at or check out their blog at





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We enjoy worshiping at Third Temple Church.  When you visit you will experience an awesome time of worship as we respond to His blessings weekly through joyful singing and playing, through classic hymns and embracing new songs, and by sharing with one another in a testimonial service that is encouraging, enlightening, and exciting!  We simply Love to Worship and give God Praise.  Join us and become a part of the exciting response to the Lord’s goodness.



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